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In recent times, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has continuously contributed around 60 per cent of the GDP of the United Arab Emirates, while its population constitutes only 34 per cent of the total UAE population according to the 2005 census.In the early 1970s, two important developments helped the emirate achieve leaps on the path of development.Being unmarried‚ the couple had transgressed the United Arab Emirates’ morality laws.

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Construction related industries are the next largest contributor (10.1 per cent in 2011).In June 2011, it was estimated to be 2,120,700 people, of which, 439,100 people (less than 21%) were Emirati citizens, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the emirate, after which it is named, as well as the capital of the federation.Abu Dhabi’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimates, in 2014, amounted to (EUR 0.24 tril.) AED 960 billion at current prices.Culverwell was happy in his job‚ never getting into any trouble.His mother‚ Linda Culverwell‚ traumatised over her son’s jailing‚ said he did not drink or smoke and is active and health-oriented man by nature.

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