Best and worst cities dating

Looking at the most recently available census data, we explored the demographics of the “marriage market” based on what women said they want in a spouse.Nationwide, single young men outnumber their female counterparts. There are some places where it’s just plain easy to find love.

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Meeting the Dating Demand Catering to more than 125,000 members at over 60 locations throughout North America, The Right One and Together Dating Service is the largest bricks and mortar dating service in the industry, offering a more consistent product, a greater number of potentially compatible mates and added value of flexibility in transferring memberships to another geographic region.

Least number of bars, coffee shops or other “hotspots” to meet singles. “It’s good to be proactive, but instead of packing up and moving to a different city or state in search of more singles, consider joining a dating service.

A dating service often has a large membership database and the ability to accommodate thousands of members,” said Paul A.

You have your own space to carry out whatever "gross" habits you want without worrying about another person, and you can dance to "Single Ladies" with total sincerity.

That said, if you looking for a partner, you might like to know where you have the best odds of finding one.

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