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Notwithstanding this site, I don’t belong on any list with Tao, Hawking, or Witten. Against those considerations, I recently realized that there’s an argument for speaking out, which goes as follows.

Nevertheless, friends have expressed surprise that I’ve had almost nothing to say on about what’s already—regardless of what happens next—the most shocking US political development of my life. When I gave the Strachey Lecture on “Quantum Supremacy” on a recent visit to Oxford, I started out by asking whether I should disavow support from quantum supremacists, before averring that I needed to research the subject more. Suppose Trump actually wins (as of this writing, Predictwise still gives him a frighteningly-high 27% probability).

There’s no question that the early stages of a relationship can be confusing. Romantic love: an f MRI study of a neural mechanism for mate choice. I realised my feelings of love was sincere but it would lead to more heartache.

You might puzzle over your own feelings, and wonder what the person you’re dating really thinks of you. Interpersonal Variability of the Experience of Falling in Love. My husband and I gave each other a chance and I'm soooo happy I made the right choice because I fell in love with my husband again, and our sex is getting better.

Counselors can be located through your insurance network or through your state psychological association.

If trust issues aren't the number one cause of breakups, it has to be one of the leading causes.

In my brief time alive, I've noticed that the problems most couples face are usually arguments that can be traced to insecurities masked as trust issues.

Recently, your mother and I were searching for an answer on Google.

Halfway through entering the question, Google returned a list of the most popular searches in the world.

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