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TV show description: A romantic drama, this TV show is set in modern-day London.It revolves around the first dates between two people who have met on an online dating service. BUT today at 2, she texted me a long text saying she's really really sorry, that she is pretty sick and she actually missed all her classes since she was that sick, and said that she felt really bad and that she is really sorry. Took her a while but she responded, saying she's free anytime after 2. Problem is, you can't really reschedule a birthday LOL..., he didn’t stand you up, but the canceling of a date can still be rather upsetting, so I will attempt to cover the main reasons and keep it real.I am basing these reasons on guys who cancel before you’ve even had a date, or guys who cancel after a few dates. It is unfortunately our prerogative to change our minds as making arrangements for a date doesn’t betroth you to each other.

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If you do need to cancel for a legitimate reason (you are “itching all over” because you’ve had a bona fide allergic reaction) here are some things to keep in mind: Text and email provide so many opportunities for misinterpretations and miscommunications.

I kicked off my heels, put on beach shoes, and placed my necklace back in the jewelry box.

His ex- forgot to pick up his son from school to take him to the doctor. So, for the second time that day I changed out of “nice leggings” and a dressy top and put on sweats and a long-sleeved t-shirt.

Series Finale: Episode #9 — Mia and David When David (Will Mellor) asks Mia (Oona Chaplin) to meet his kids, Mia realizes the relationship may be moving too fast for her.

Looking for a change in pace, Mia calls Stephen (Ben Chaplin) for some fun.

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