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There are various Carl Zeiss made C, CB, CFi/CFE series as Distagon, Planar, Biogon, Sonnar type lenses, with various focal lengths, with Compur shutter for 500 series.

Hasselblad was the company that first developed the professional medium format modular SLR.

Hasselblad 500 EL/M is medium format film SLR system camera with motor drive, manufactured by Victor Hasselblad Aktiebolag, Göteborg, Sweden, and produced between 1971-84.

EL/M is a modified version of the EL, "M" means modified, "EL" electric.

The Hasselblad 200 series is a successful line of high-end, focal-plane, single-lens reflex (SLR) medium format cameras made by the Hasselbald Corporation of Sweden, using German-made Carl Zeiss lenses.

The 200 series (which includes the 201F, 202FA, 203FE, 205TCC, and 205FCC) and the older 2000 series are renowned for their excellent optics, compact size, and extraordinarily ridiculously high original retail price in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

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From a distance, the older 1600F is indistinguishable from a contemporary Hassie 500 or 200 series.Hasselblad 500 EL is a system camera this means that almost everything is interchangeable: lens, prism/finder, and film back.In 1964 Hasselblad started production of a motorized camera, the 500 EL.Whether you are looking to upgrade a current studio or build a studio from the ground up, 4Wall can help you reach your goals. Purchase quality used gear from 4Wall’s rental inventory or new gear from the manufacturer of your choice. Displaying the new Chroma-Q™ Studio-Force Phosphor Series along with the popular tungsten, variable and daylight LED Studio-Force range for film and television.Also on display, Chroma-Q Hurricane Jr, JAB and Punch series LED lights from AAdyn Tech are game-changing entries into the world of high-output, low power draw lighting.

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