Dating sims for ipod touch

Compete with your friends online and see who makes it to the Leaderboard. ✓ 9 key types of women come included with your app purchase to give you the best choice and to inspire you. ✓ Select a situation, where you want to meet her or where you would like to improve. The app can select your situation randomly, just like life does.✓ Easy-to-understand, professionally written detailed profile descriptions for each type of woman, including facts she doesn't want you to know about her. ✓There are overall 27 different locations to choose from. ✓ Choose your type of girl, select a situation and start playing. As you go inside, you will see "change automatically" and if its on, turn it off and you will see a new tab under the country tab. Hold any app for 2-3 seconds and a red button will appear.

Well when you get the mansion you get this really nice car.

After it loads, exit is again and go to settings, and go to general and then to date and time. Select the "Cloud" option, then upload your saved game data to Facebook. When the starting screen appears, tap "Download Save Data" and tap to resume that game. Tap to visit the boat and you should have several presents waiting. Repeat the above to get all the LPS you my need and the reindeers will be in the pet store free each sim can have to even if the have dog or cat.

Tap the red button on Sims Freeplay, and then it will be gone (your game will not be deleted) and go the the game again. First go visit your neighbors (at the party boat) Pick your sim click on Santa and reindeer pops up Return home You will have a free reindeer and get three LPS.

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