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The diameter is the size of the wheel from one side to the other.The DOT tire identification number indicates compliance with all safety standards established by the U. Department of Transportation and provides additional information about the tire manufacturer.

For most tires, this expiration date should be six years from the date of manufacture.Of all the things on an RV that matter the most, RV tires should hit the top of the list.When an RV tire fails, whether it is on a trailer, 5th wheel, or any class RV, the damage that can be done is costly!The cost to repair the damage can run in the thousands, not to mention the possibility of loss of life, and perhaps a ruined vacation. When Hilga and I purchased our current full time RV living home back in 2008, it was a 2006 that had been manufactured in late 2005.It was barely used, looked brand new, as did the eight tires it had on it.

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