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See gallery above to see more attractive celebrity sons and daughters who walked in the Dolce & Gabbana show.Sara Dylan (born October 25, 1939 as Shirley Marlin Noznisky), is the first wife of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.), son of Wallflowers' frontman Jakob Dylan, hit the runway over the weekend in Italy alongside Rafferty Law (Jude Law's son), Presley Gerber (son of Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber), Brandon Lee (Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's oldest) and Sistine Stallone (Sylvester's daughter).While Dylan dabbled in the family business in the past, he previously told The Cut in that he "gave up on music" to focus on acting and modeling.When your father is one of the most famous musicians on the planet, it's tough to get away from the fact.But when you're a dead ringer for him, it must be impossible.After all, he could have changed his name to put people off the scent.

But Britta Lee Shain, in her memoir about her time in Dylan’s circle — which included a lengthy seduction by Dylan followed by a brief affair — tells of exactly that, showing the playful, mischievous and womanizing side of the musical icon that the public rarely sees. “For days afterwards, I weigh everything Ernie does,” she writes, “and it all seems pretty stupid to me.” Along the way, Shain got to know more of Dylan’s inner circle, including his first road manager from the ’60s.

As the three of them took in a movie — Dylan liked to see movies made by or starring people he knew — Shain says he asked her, when the two found themselves alone, what she saw in Ernie. Dylan — who had a home in Trump Tower at the time — was off to a party with his girlfriend, Carole, and several friends, including Shain, when he asked where they were going. The famed songwriter had some unique ideas for movies.

After exterminators were called to his girlfriend’s home, he was so impressed with them — “one young woman in particular” — that he decided he wanted to produce “a movie about termite inspectors.” He enlisted Shain to do a five-page report on their lives, but after getting it to him, the topic was never broached again.

But as far as he's concerned having a superstar dad is neither a blessing nor a curse."I don't know that it's either," he confirms. The only way that it's beneficial to me is that I have insights into music that some people don't, but other than that I can't do much with it."When I began making music, I had this thought the name wasn't going to be that big a deal."I was WRONG about that."Far from giving up before he started, Jakob turned the avid interest in his family into something that motivates him."I think the name itself worked against me," he has declared. "When I was a kid, he was a god to me for all the right reasons. And he's still affectionate to me."And for a man like Bob Dylan, who has been producing such massively influential music over the last 40 years, it is perhaps inevitable that there are points where he'd hear a little bit of himself in his son's songwriting.

I say it as any kid who admired his dad and had a great relationship with him. But when it comes down to it, Jakob is adamant he NEVER writes to please his father."I do think there are certain things that he'll recognise," says Jakob. I'm educated enough to know some things I've done are not necessarily the kind of music he always responds to."But I'm always excited for him to hear the music, and he's always encouraging, and always has been."You get the feeling that Jakob's new album is something his dad would approve of.

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