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I'm not a descendant of Sappho, Greek Goddess of all the lesbians in the sweet land. My friend Jackie says penetration (fingers or dildo). However, that's not to say that a little penetration with a pretty little sex toy doesn't feel amazing when it rubs against my G-spot. After all, a girl doesn't have a dick she can mindlessly stick inside of you. You get up close and personal during girl-on-girl sex.

I'm just an out-and-proud queer little Jewish girl who is happy to share her own experiences in the hopes that it will answer some questions you have. Sally told me via text message that it's when her girlfriend sits on her face. And, in turn, the emotional connection during sex is stretched to new heights because you're exploring each other's bodies with hands and mouths.

Haaaay, newly out-of-the-closet lesbian who's curious as to how it all works (I was you not so long ago). I'm here to offer a warm welcome to everyone who's curious about queer girl love and sex.

Welcome, my lovely closeted queer girl (it gets better, I promise).

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