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On Saturday, Joe posted a photo of a cat with a crab sitting on its head.

She included a cryptic message that appeared to address the current gossips.

Hong Kong actor Louis Koo (古天樂) and Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) have been in a secret relationship for the last two years, according to Ming Pao Weekly.

Although the couple had a rift earlier, they have not officially broken up.

Efforts to maintain the long distance relationship Although Joe focuses her acting career in China in recent years, she would try to take time off to visit Louis in Hong Kong.

Joe has also taken Louis with her on a meal with Louis Cha, better known by his pen name as Jin Yong.

Why Louis Likes Joe Louis and Joe may have successfully kept their relationship hidden from the public’s eyes, but their romance was widely acknowledged within close family friends. ” Joe once told a close friend that she admired Louis’ kindness, attentiveness, and filial nature. He also likes how Joe is not clingy and gives him a lot of privacy.” Reportedly working towards marriage, Louis and Joe are patient and willing to overcome their long-distance relationship.

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Joe was angry that she was kept in the dark about their meal dates, and reportedly flew to the United States to mend her broken heart.

Koo took a different approach to his role in A Step Into the Past.

This deviation from his usual cool aloof on-screen persona to a funnier, carefree and down-to-earth one resonated with the audience and widened his acting range.

In 1999, Koo received TVB's Most Popular Actor Award for Detective Investigation Files IV.

In 2000, Koo received TVB's Most Favorite Character Award for At the Threshold of an Era ll.

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