Mandating water

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California water regulators are postponing release of a new plan to get cities to reduce water use by as much as a third.

The State Water Resources Control Board says its plan will be released Saturday for how cities will be asked to comply with Gov. The board previously announced water use reduction targets for communities based on per-capita use, but cities are already blasting the plan as unfair and unrealistic.

” The past three years have been the driest three years in California history dating back to the Gold Rush.

On Tuesday, the Sierra snowpack was at 13 percent of its historic average, and many of the state’s largest reservoirs were far below normal.

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“We are in a crisis and we need to act like we’re in a crisis.” Under the new ordinance, large buildings will be required to use alternate water sources for 100 percent of the water demanded for toilet flushing and irrigation.

SACRAMENTO — Acknowledging that California’s water conservation efforts are falling short as the state descends into a fourth year of punishing drought, the administration of Gov.

Jerry Brown on Tuesday imposed new mandatory water conservation rules that will affect millions of people — from how homeowners water their lawns to how restaurants and hotels serve their guests.

Some agencies say the state is ignoring longtime conservation efforts and higher demand for water in hot-weather areas.

Water use is measured compared to 2013, the year before Brown declared a drought emergency.

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