Pdt identity token for validating orders calldating com

This is basically logging into your paypal account and enable IPN while specifying a url where the notification will be sent. The first thing I want to trouble shoot though is when the buyer pays the amount, he is automatically redirected to my site.

This is used to complete an order so that the product can be shipped. I have created a table and whenever that page is called (or hit), it registers an entry in the table so I know a notification came from Paypal. I have enabled this but automatic redirection just does not work.

When i'm trying to activate PDT from my developer paypal account following your direction i get this error: Checkout settings You haven't created any settings for making small purchases (less than €4,00 EUR) that don't require shipping.

There can be only one IPN URL set for a Pay Pal account, so you need to use an account that is not already using an IPN for any other purpose.

It is used in combination with Pay Pal Payments Standard, so that after a customer returns to your website after paying on the Pay Pal site, they can instantly view a confirmation message with the details of the transaction.

PDT is not meant to be used with credit card or Express Checkout transactions.

This page describes how PDT works and how to configure your account to use PDT.

When a customer pays you, Pay Pal sends the transaction ID of the payment to you by appending the transaction ID to a URL you specify in your account Profile.

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