Restart google chrome to finish updating loop

I've seen other posts relating to this problem with My Drive Connect.That thread is incorrectly marked as "solved" - it's still a problem though.When you start downloading an app and Google Play Store stuck at downloading app.This will get more problematic when it will show downloading an app and even loading bar is running but the download won’t start.

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The most common issues are; Mac apps are unable to launch and the apps report they are damaged, Mac application icons show as generic and are unable to open or fail to open, the Mac suddenly freezes for no apparent reason, or a particularly alarming scenario where all applications and user files are missing from view, making it appear as if the Mac removed all of its own files.One flaw in your connection can make this once simple process take much longer than it needs to, putting you in a Möbius strip-like loop of requesting the file over and over again, always starting off from scratch. Hold Shift and click on the white space in the window that has the copied partial download. Navigate to chrome:\downloads in your browser, right-click on the download, and select "Copy Link Address" 9. Thankfully, you can restart your download right from where your connection abandoned you. In the Command window that opens up, type "wget -c " and then paste in the URL you copied from Chrome. A phone stuck in a boot loop is not bricked, nor is a phone that boots straight into recovery mode.These are things you can usually fix, and they're a lot more common than a truly bricked phone.

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