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Most Penis Pump regulars knew the encounter was doomed from the beginning, but let it commence purely for the lulz. Full chat logs of j Um B0's side are available here.

In late 2006, the Penis Pump trolls decided to set forth with what would soon become an epic scientific experiment; a close encounter of the internets kind.

Pump operators spent countless hours trying to hook up channel frequenters, until both Pump regulars and EFnet regulars j Um B0 and Miss La Vey budged and agreed that a pleasant experience could be had by both if they were to meet IRL.

After the encounter, Miss La Vey dropped j Um B0 off at his friend snoopy's house, where he got on IRC and spilled the beans about how rotten his experience was in explicit, grotesque detail. j Um B0 and Miss La Vey were prime subjects for the experiment because their personalities clashed in every way possible.

Much to her dismay, Miss La Vey logged on later that night to find her already tainted name being trashed even more so than before by the pumpers. j Um B0 was an easygoing, cool, relaxed guy, while Miss La Vey was known throughout the channel as a total slut, drama whore, morbidly obese crack addict.

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