Speed dating horror stories

'I pretended to be cool with it and then moved out that very night, after they'd gone to bed.'Other spoke of housemates who had racked up hundreds of dollars in unpaid utilities bills.

One person got so desperate, they sold the house's Hills Hoist washing line while their housemates were at university - so they could afford to pay rent.

Another person said they had moved into a room only to find an unhappy former housemate had peed all over the wall before they left - and no amount of cleaning could remove the smell.

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A group of Australians have shared stomach-turning stories about people they've lived with - including one man who came back from holidays to find his bedroom had been turned into a 'sex den'.

I wanted to know your worst online dating tales, and you had some doozies.

As I read through them (and apologies that I could not fit them all into one column), the immortal words of Richard Brautigan came to mind -- the coda to a story about a woman who wreaked romantic havoc in the lives of many of his friends.

Some of the funniest online dating horror stories and how to avoid becoming one.

Online dating involves its fair share of urban legends.

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