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Only use this if you know you're only going to be using a few different possible formats (they're never cleaned up internally).Exactly the same as above, but always interprets the date as UTC. In the interests of performance, speed-date assumes that you're always passing in valid Date objects and sane formatting strings.We don't use fancy algorithms to decide who to show you. Before deciding to date you can view a selfie of that person and see their rating.You see everyone who's available while you're using the app. Members rate each other according to how respectful they are to other people.The SABC website says that “when one has sold or otherwise disposed of one’s television set(s) a TV licence is no longer required”.To cancel a licence however, the SABC must be notified on a “prescribed form” (affidavit) of the circumstances around why you no longer need it – and it certainly won’t cancel it if there is still money outstanding on an account.” Unfortunately, the matter is not as simple as the SABC states.Any requests to get the form from the SABC at the time of writing got no response, reflecting similar reports from South Africans saying that their requests were ignored.

to: [email protected] Or, SMS "Medical" or "Hospital" or "Funeral" or "Insurance" and your Full Name and email address to: 0827385586 Or, just go to

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