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For one thing, poor, smoking-hot Ioan Gruffudd got assigned a seat thigh-to-thigh on the bleachers with Vincent Gallo, who wore a jaunty fuchsia fedora along with the usual tangle of matted facial hair. This didn’t bother Genevieve Jones one bit; she sashayed in and perched next to Theroux after posing in front of the ice wall in a completely seasonally inappropriate, short, flowered sundress with bare legs and strappy white sandals. Once photographers caught sight of ’s Ellen Pompeo and her husband, music producer Chris Ivery, they swarmed and swept up the trio in a grabby, violent, human tidal wave. Professional shutterbugs had equipment knocked out of their hands, and we got pushed so hard we almost bowled backward over a crouched reporter still trying desperately to get a quote from Gallo. ) “Would you please stop pushing, PLEASE,” Ivery rather politely begged the people who were shoving up against his puffy silver jacket. Though we have never heard particularly favorable whispers about her temperament, we have to give credit where credit is due: In this situation, where bitchiness would not only be understood but probably justified, Pompeo remained downright pleasant and even gave a huge smile and greeting to the PR person frantically trying to find her a seat — which he did, next to Gallo, after shuffling a possibly quite grateful Gruffudd off somewhere else.He was rather animated with reporters, though, and thrillingly appeared to be holding hands with a brunette we’re pretty sure was Lisa Love from ). Robert’s daughter Drena De Niro took some snaps with music mogul Damon Dash, who brought along his adorably well-behaved little boy, Lucky, who at the end of the night bid Lupe Fiasco farewell by extending his hand for a solemn handshake. Indeed, as we were debating where to go to hail a cab, we overheard Gruffudd on his cell phone shouting, “CRAAAAZY.” He might’ve been talking about the venue, the plaid clothes, his own suit that may have been made of velvet, the hungry-for-flesh gleam in Gallo’s eyes, or the mad crush surrounding Pompeo’s arrival. His ride still hadn’t come by the time we took to taxi-hunting, and we still haven’t forgiven ourselves for not offering him a lift.• Last episode Lily said her wedding planner was Preston Bailey. • This is kind of just a side note, but nobody smokes cigarettes on this show. Early buzz had it that the Y-3 show would take place on ice, and in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, we had to wonder: Is the company trying to kill its models?

” So when Rufus advises Dan glibly about Serena, we just don’t buy it. • A reunion concert for the “Top Ten Forgotten Bands of the 90s”? • Also Minus 2 for Rolling Stone’s being involved in the whole “Forgotten Bands of the 90s” thing to begin with. • Lily can’t get it together to learn about the Gossip Girl blog, but she instantaneously knows how to use a memory stick? • How come when they left the rehearsal dinner it was still light out?

She knew that burning deep inside this shell of rock and clay and bones was a hot, passionate center of changing potential. By 2050, roboticists hope to have full-sized humanoid AI robots compete against the champions of the World Cup.

In addition to being alive around the time Jack the Ripper was living large in ol’ London town Lehman was the first person to propose the theory that the earth had a molten core! The sides of the mountain are sheer vertical cliffs, with several waterfalls, making it nearly impossible to climb. This is a match at the Robo Cup, an international competition for soccer-playing robots. Learn more about hyper-intelligent robots»Me, As I read this article : “WHAT???? I literally have been telling people at parties for weeks that our oceanic glory on earth comes from the comets above.

So it makes perfect sense for Lisa Loeb, the patron saint of My So-Called Life, to make an appearance on Gossip Girl. For that matter, when he sings later on in the episode, so is the monotonous tune and his raspy, wimpy yet sexy voice. • Kudos to the adults for calling Chuck “Charles.” Usually you save a child’s full name for occasions when he is in severe trouble. Plus 3, for making statutory rape seem somehow nostalgic. Plus 3 for that and for having her play “Stay.” Best ever. “I’m out of my league here,” she says, spilling all to Lily and asking for her help. We really, really, really want some sort of awesome mousetrap-like ending next episode, where everyone participates in Georgina’s spectacular downfall.

Indeed, it is a fitting nod to those of us watchers of the show (like last week’s plotline was a nod to the gays) who should have gotten this sort of thing out of our system ten years ago. That her iconic song, “Stay,” was the diegetic soundtrack of a sinister interaction between hopelessly naïve Dan and vindictive Georgina — well, that was a particularly Gossip Girl twist. As did we love the unholy, Thundercats-like alliance of Nate, Blair, Chuck, and Vanessa that came together to defend Serena and confront the evil of Georgina. But what do you call the kid who is bad all the time? • The entire scene where Chuck, Nate, and Blair comfort Serena is realistic. “I’ve done all that I can do.” She finally went to an adult — perhaps the most realistic play she has in her bag of tricks.

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