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If ever there was a modern, techno-Cupid, it is that small screen on mobile handsets.

Like Helen of Troy, it's the face that has launched a thousand relationships.

I wondered if they were ostrich eggs, since those were the only big ones I knew of.

As SMS becomes the latest addiction among the upwardly mobile, it is being increasingly used as an instant and intimate way of saying "Let's Get Together". Everywhere, at parties, clubs, restaurants, even on the streets, it's impossible to avoid the buzzing and clicking as people access their SMS.

Youngsters use SMS as a courtship tool, much like their parents used love letters or poetry and Valentine cards.

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The Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 "Familtchi" (known as the いぇー!ふぁみりーイロイロ!たまごっちプラス Family Iro Iro!

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